Incoming Students
All international students are welcome to Halic University to benefit from the vast educational experiences as well as the cultural diversity on the campus along with the rich environment found in the charming city of Istanbul where history meets technology, the East meets the West and different cultures, languages, cuisines, music, religions and ideologies are connected in harmony.
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Outgoing Students
We encourage all students of Halic University to apply for Erasmus+ and give a chance to expanding their horizons through visiting other countries, being acquainted to new cultures and meeting new people. We believe that it is very important for the personal development of students to get out of their comfort zones and take big steps into their future and Erasmus+ is the best opportunity to do that!
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Haliç University Erasmus+

About us

Today, Turkey is in the process of integrating into the European Union. It can only be possible by expanding overseas and seizing the contemporary developments by means of a new and modern educational campaign. The education system adopted by Haliç University towards this target aims to develop the analytical and synthesis capabilities of the students. This is the only way to provide a solution to most of the interdisciplinary and complicated problems of our age. We believe that finding the right solutions and taking reasonable decisions under unstable conditions can only be achieved by means of education programs prepared according to the changing conditions of science, technology, and communication and information management.

Haliç University Erasmus Office was established in 2009, with the aim of an international exchange vision, which tries to bring together local and global students. Our Office is located in Sütlüce Campus. 

In way to make your Erasmus+ experience easier, our team is ready to support and help, so feel free to contact us.