There are plenty of options for accommodation in the city of Istanbul. According to your standards and preferences, you can easily filter through the options and find the most suitable home for you. As the international office, we make sure to guide our students when necessary and introduce them to dormitories nearby our campus.

There are many dormitories close to Haliç University that offer different facilities and services. You can reside in a dorm room either on your own or share a room with other students. Although it differs from dorm to dorm, you can share your room with up to 6 people.

Apart from dormitories, there are other options such as renting a house or a student residence. According to your wish, you can rent a house alone or with friends, furnished or unfurnished. For a comfortable daily routine, you can rent a house either near our university or near public transportation stations that have direct rides to our university. The most important thing to do while renting a house in Istanbul is to research about the transportation options near the house you are renting in order to have an easy lifestyle where you can commute easily throughout your day.

Student residences are similar to dorms but have minor differences such as the easy of not having entry or exit hours. Unlike dorms they don’t have restrictions and are more like personal apartments where the rent is combined with your other bills and expenses.

Overall, you should have no worries about accommodation while moving to Istanbul for studies for there are several alternatives that can fit every budget, every taste and every standard.

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