Faculty of Sport Sciences

Serkan UZUN

Faculty Secretary

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Message from Faculty

Haliç University School of Physical Education and Sports will give you the education you want with its qualified and qualified instructors, fields of all sports branches, branch internship opportunities, many national-international seminars and courses on its campuses. You can add international experience and knowledge to your professional career with our university’s international connections or English sports departments. By combining technology and sports, you can prepare yourself for the future by doing double major and minor in other fields. We embrace you all with love and want to see you in BESYO.

The success of education in Physical Education and Sports Sciences depends on the combination of theory and practice. The good name and competence of the university you graduated from in the sports community will increase your chances of finding a job and being successful in your future life.


Dean of Faculty

Prof.Dr. Aysel PEHLİVAN

Professor Dr. Aysel PEHLİVAN completed her undergraduate studies at Anadoluhisarı Youth and Sports Academy, and master of science and PhD degrees in Marmara University Institute of Health Sciences, Physical Education and Sports Department. She worked at Marmara University School of Physical Education and Sports between 1991-2015, she served as the Head of the Physical Education and Sports Education Department and the Head of the Coaching Education Department. She joined our University's School of Physical Education and Sports as a professor in 2015. She currently works as the Head of the School of Physical Education and Sports and a board member of the Graduate Institute. Her academic interests are Sports Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids, Guidance in Athlete Nutrition, Sports for All, Assessment and Prescription of Physical Fitness, Recreative Applications and Organization in the Elderly.

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Sports Management

The aim of the Sports Management department; It is aimed to train well-equipped, high-quality sports managers who can demonstrate their competence in national and international areas to be involved in the management and administration of sports in our country.

Physical Education and Sports Teaching

The Department of Physical Education Teaching, within the body of Haliç University School of Physical Education and Sports, is a four-year undergraduate program established to train well-equipped trainers who contribute to both the intellectual and physical education of the new generation. In addition to pedagogical formation courses, the curriculum also includes theoretical and practical courses that will be beneficial in various fields of sports. With its competent academic staff, sports research laboratories and physical spaces, it is equipped to train Physical Education and Sports teachers in the most appropriate way to the conditions of the day.

Coaching Education

The purpose of the Undergraduate Program of the School of Physical Education and Sports Department of Coaching Education is to work as a trainer or assistant coach in various fields of sports (amateur and professional sports clubs, Provincial and District Organizations of the General Directorate of Youth and Sports and schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, fitness, medical fitness leadership. , health and sports leadership, fitness and performance development expertise, recreation leadership, etc.) to train professional individuals who are suitable for the market and sector conditions, equipped with modern knowledge and capable of transferring this information.


Students studying in this department for 4 years; They receive training in tourism, workplace recreation, campus recreation, outdoor recreation, disabled recreation, sportive animation, as well as basic sports courses to lead individuals of different ages and abilities. In addition, students choose one of the modules Recreation Management, Handicapped Recreation and Tourism, nature and adventure sports starting from the 3rd grade and specialize in these subjects.

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