Partner Universities

You may find below the universities we have an agreement with under the Erasmus+ Program.

After you check the universities and their quotas, it's important that you make your search according to that option.

There are some important things that you should be aware of; language of instruction, finding course lists, admission rules, accommodation services - whether they offer or not - and much more.

You are the only person who will manage the process for your choice; Haliç Erasmus Office is responsible for the selection of applicants and then the official nomination to partner university after being selected.

COUNTRYUNIVERSITYNumber of students   Duration of studyLanguage-Level RequestedNumber of staffDurationDepartmentLanguage-Level Requested
FranceUniversite Paris-Est Creteil Val-de-Marne110 months\2 semesters  English-B111 weekEconomicsEnglish-B2
Ecole D’ingenieurs- ECE- Paris 25 monthsFrench-B122 weeksEngineering TradesFrench-B2
RomaniaUniversity of Craiova25 months\1 semesterEnglish-B125 daysBusiness ManagementEnglish-B2
Translation and Interpretation
American Culture and Literature
Stefan Cel Mare University of Suceava25 months\ 1 semester  English-B125 daysPhysical Education and Sport DepartmentEnglish-B2
Spiru Haret University29 months\ 2 semesters  Romanian-B125 daysArchitectureRomanian-B2
Computer Engineering
Physical Education and Sport Department
Business Management
International Relations
University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tirgu Mures29 months\ 2 semesters  Hungarian-A211 weekHealth sciencesHungarian-B1
Gheorghe Asachi Techinal University Iasi2 10 months\ 2 semesters Romanian-B115 daysArchitectureRomanian-B2
University of Oradea55 months\1 semesterRomanian-B121 weekPhysical Education and Sport Department International RelationsRomanian-B2
Titu Maiorescu University2 10 months\ 2 semesters English-B111 weekMedicine- Nursing- Informatics- Baking Finance , Accountancy and Business Administation- Communication Science and International RelationsEnglish-B2
Academia de Musica Gheorghe Dima23-9 months\1-2 semesterRomanian-B115 daysMusic and performing artsRomanian-B2
PortugalLusiada University25 months \1 semesterPortuguese-B151 weekComputer Engineering  – Architecture Business Administration Portuguese-B2
Universidade de Beira Interior 46 months\1 semesterEnglish-B122 monthsPhysical Education and Sport DepartmentEnglish-B2
Fashion Design
International Relations
Universidade dos Açores25 months\ 1 semesterPortuguese-B111 semester Tourism ManagementPortuguese-B2
Instıtuto Superior da Maia29 monthsPortuguese-B115Fashion DesignPortuguese-B2
The University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro49 months  English-B122 weeksTheatre & Performing Arts Food Science                                             Genetics & Biotechnology                                                    English-B2
Universidade Lusofona15 months\1 semesterEnglish-B115 daysArchitectureFashion Design Psychology Physical Education and Sport Translation and Interpretation- American Culture and LiteratureEnglish-B2
Universidade Catolica Portuguesa 25 months\1 semesterEnglish-B111 monthTranslation and Interpretation- American Culture and LiteratureEnglish-B2
University of UTAD26 months Portuguese-B11Öğrenci ve Personel HareketliliğiEngineering Fine ArtsPortuguese-B1
Instituto Politecnico da Guarda45 months\1 semesterPortuguese-A221 weekPhysical Education and Sport DepartmentEnglish-B2
University of Coimbra 45 months\1 semesterPortuguese-B121 weekIndustry Management and Engineering Electrical Engineering Informatics EngineeringPortuguese-B2
BelgiumUniversite de Mons210 months \2 semesterFrench-B111 weekArchitecture & Town Planning 
Bern University of Applied Sciences 2 1\2 semesters German-C128 hours minimumNutrition and DieteticsGerman-C1
Artevelde University College Ghent35 months\1 semesterEnglish-B138 hoursBusiness ManagementEnglish-B2
SpainUniversidad Europa Miguel de Cervantes42 semestersSpanish-B121 weekArchitecturePsychologySpanish-B2
Physical Education and Sport Departmen
CPR Ingeforma25-10 monthsSpanish-A125 daysManagementSpanish-B2
Escuela de Arte La Palma42 semestersSpanish-B121 weekFine ArtsSpanish-B2
University of San Jorge210 months\2 semesterSpanish-B118 daysBusinessSpanish-B2
Translation and Interpretation
American Culture and Literature
University Camilo Jose Cela44 monthsSpanish-B111 weekArchitectureSpanish-B2
Interior Design
Coruna University210 months\2 semesterSpanish-B138 daysArchitectureSpanish-B2
Mondragon University41\2 semesters English-B125 daysBusiness ManagementEnglish-B1
University Malaga29 months\2 semesterSpanish-B215 daysConservatory & MusicsSpanish-B2
University of Valencia25 months\1 semesterEnglish-B211 weekNursingEnglish-B2
Translation and Interpretation
American Culture and Literature
Escuela de Arte 1049 months \ 2 semestersEnglish-B111 weekArtsEnglish-B2
University of Juan Carlos25 months\1 semesterSpanish-B115 daysBusiness ManagementSpanish-B2
University of Deusto110 months\2 semesterEnglish-B111 weekTranslation and InterpretationEnglish-B2
American Culture and Literature
Escuela de Arte de Sevilla25-10 monthsSpanish-B125 daysFine ArtsSpanish-B2
Universidad de Valladolid25 months\1 semesterEnglish-B121 weekArchitecture 
Nutririon and Dietetics
GermanyUniversity of Würzburg210 months\2 semesterGerman-A215 daysPsychologyGerman-A2
Eberhard Karls Universitat Tubingen210 months\2 semesterGerman-B1214 daysMathematicsGerman-B2
Computer Engineering
Europa-Universitat Viadrina Frankfurt25 months\1 semesterGerman-B1_5 daysBusiness ManagementGerman-B2
Hochschulle Heilbronn410 months\2 semesterGerman-B118 weeksBusiness German-B2
University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden26 months\1 semesterGerman-B111 weekBusiness ManagementGerman-B2
University of Mittweida15 months\1 semesterGerman-A211 weekMathematicsGerman-B2
Computer Engineering Electrics
Fochhochschule Worms210 months\2 semesterGerman-B111 weekBusiness ManagementGerman-B2
Harz University of Applied Sciences25 months\1 semesterGerman-B211 weekBusinessGerman-B2
Computer Engineering
University of Bamberg22 semestersEnglish-B115 days (8 hours)Business ManagementEnglish-B2
Clausthal University of Technology22 semestersEnglish-B215 daysIndustrial EngineeringEnglish-B2
Bremen University42 semestersEnglish-B215 daysBusiness ManagementEnglish-B2
BulgariaBurgas Free University21 semesterBulgarian-B111 dayBusiness ManagementBulgarian-B2
University of Varna21 semesterEnglish-B111 weekBusiness ManagementEnglish-B2
Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov University 25 months\1 semesterEnglish-B111 weekBusiness English-B2
LithuaniaVilnius University15 months\1 semesterEnglish-B111 weekBusiness Management Communication English-B2
Utenos Kolegija University of Applied Sciences210 months\2 semesterLithuanian-B1101 weekBusinessLithuanian-B2
Tourism Management
Computer Engineering
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Klaipeda State College21 semesterEnglish-B111 weekNursingEnglish-B2
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Lithuania University of Educational Sciences22 semestersLithuanian-B121 weekPsychology Physical Education and Sport DepartmentLithuanian-B2
HollandWindesheim University of Applied Sciences28 monthsEnglish-B211\ minimum of 8 hours teachingIndustrial Engineering Business ManagementEnglish-B2
Saxion University25 months\1 semesterEnglish-B221 weekBusiness ManagementEnglish-B2
The Hague University of Applied Sciences210 months\2 semesterEnglish-B115 daysBusiness ManagementEnglish-C2
PolandSilesia University25-9 monthsEnglish-B125 daysTranslation and InterpretationEnglish-B2
American Culture and Literature
University of Lodz23-9 monthsEnglish-B125 daysTranslation and InterpretationEnglish-B2
American Culture and Literature Business
University of Life Sciences in Lublin410 months/ 2 semesterEnglish-B12 Landscape ArchitectureEnglish-B2
Nutrition and Dietetics
Rzeszow University 25 months\ 2 semesterEnglish-B125 daysPhysical Education and Sport Department EconomicsEnglish-B2
Zamosc University 29 months\ 2 semesterEnglish-B211 weekPhysiotherapy and RehabilitationEnglish-B2
University of Nicolas Colas Copernicus310 months\2 semesterEnglish-B215 daysSociology and cultural studies PsychologyEnglish-B2
University of Poznan210 months\ 2 semestersPolish-B111 weekFine ArtsPolish-B2
Marie Curie Sklodowska University 69 months\ 2 semesterEnglish-B121 weekTranslation and InterpretingAmerican Culture and LiteratureEnglish-B2
Kozsalin of University42 semesterEnglish-B111 weekForeign LanguagesEnglish-B2
Political Sciences 
Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Szczecin210 monthsGerman-B115 daysManagementGerman-B2
Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management 210 months\2 semesterEnglish-B111 weekTranslation and InterpretationEnglish-B2
American Culture and Literature
Lodz International Studies Academy210 months\2 semesterEnglish-B125 daysTranslation and InterpretationEnglish-B2
American Culture and Literature 
Jozef Rusiecki Olsztyn University College210 months\2 semesterEnglish-B111 weekPhysiotherapy and RehabilitationEnglish-B2
Physical Education and Sport Department
Political sciences
Collegium Civitas45 months\1 semesterEnglish-B122 daysPolitical sciencesEnglish-B2
Pope John Paul State55 months\1 semesterEnglish-B115 daysBusiness ManagementEnglish-B2
Translation and Interpretation
Nutrition and Dietetics
ItalyUniversita Degli Studi di Verona45 monthsItalian-B121 weekTranslation and InterpretationItalian-B2
American Culture and Literature
IUM Academy School 512 monthsEnglish-B145 daysForeing Languanges Translation and InterpretationsEnglish-B2
University of the City of Vienna41-2 semestersEnglish-B14_Music and artEnglish-B2
Conservatorio di Musica di Adria210 months\2 semesterItalian-B115 weeksConservatoryItalian-B2
Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Martucci Sulerno 210 months\2 semesterItalian-B111 weekMusic and performing artsItalian-B2
Universita di Foggia210 months\2 semesterItalian-B111 weekNursingItalian-B2
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Conservatorio di Musica  Antonio Vivaldi 210 months\2 semesterEnglish-B1__KonservatuarEnglish-B2
Conservatorio Di Musica Giacomo Puccini La Spezia210 months\2 semesterEnglish-B111 weekConservatoryEnglish-B2
Universita Degli Studi Roma Tre24 months\ 1 semesterEnglish-B1__Translation and InterpretationEnglish-B2
American Culture and Literature
Universita Degli Studi di Roma ‘Foro Italico’29 monthsEnglish-A211 weekPhysical Education and Sport DepartmentEnglish-B1
Academia di Belle Arti Laquila29 months\ 2 semester Italian-B115 weeksFine Arts Italian-B2
Conservatorio di Musica Claudio Montreverdi25 months\1 semesterEnglish-B125 daysConservatoryEnglish-B2
Konservatorium Bolzano Bozen
Academia di Belle Arti Di Frosinone24 monthsEnglish-B111 weekConservatoryEnglish-B2
Conservatorio di Musica ‘Alfredo Casella’210 months\2 semesterEnglish-B111 weekConservatoryEnglish-B2
Universita’ di Trento210English-B111 weekCyber Security -MasterEnglish-B2
Universita Degli Studi Di L’Aquila24 months English-B111 weekPsychiatry and Clinical PyschologyEnglish-B2
Cezch RepublicMendel University in Brno210 months\2 semesterEnglish-B125 daysInternational RelationsEnglish-B2
Janackova Akademie Muzickych Umeni Brne25 months\1 semesterEnglish-B125 monthsArtsEnglish-B1
University of Ostrava210 months\2 semesterEnglish-B111 weekFine ArtsEnglish-B2
University of South Bohemia210 months\2 semesterEnglish-B211 weekTranslation and InterpretationEnglish-B2
American Culture and Literature
Sweden Linnaeus University25 months\1 semesterSwedish-B211 weekComputer Engineering  Swedish-B2
HungaryKodolanyi Janos25 months\1 semesterHungarian-B115 daysBusiness ManagementHungarian-B2
Translation and Interpretation
American Culture and Literature Music
University of Pannonia25 months\1 semesterEnglish-B111 weekBusiness  Languages and Philology English-B2
Budapest Metropolitan University25 months\1 semesterEnglish-B215 daysArchitectureEnglish-B2
Interior Design
LatviaLatvian Academy of Sport105 monthsLatvian-B115 daysPhysical Education and Sport DepartmentLatvian-B2
 RISEBA University of Applied Sciences25 monthsEnglish-B225 daysBusiness ManagementEnglish-B2
SloveniaUniversity of Maribor210 months\2 semesterEnglish-B111 week NursingEnglish-B2
College of Nursing in Celje410 months\2 semesterEnglish-B115 daysNursingEnglish-B2
GreeceUniversity of Macedonia210 months\2 semesterGreek-B221 weekpolitical sciencesGreek-B2
Technologiko Ekpaideutiko Idrıma 212 monthsEnglish-B121 weekNursing Midwifery health sciencesEnglish-B2