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Vocational School Programs

Banking and Insurance2Turkish
Computer Technology2Turkish
Child Development2Turkish
Electronics Technology2Turkish
Physical Therapy2Turkish
Graphic Design2Turkish
Interior Design2Turkish
First and Emergency Aid2Turkish
Construction Technology2Turkish
Fashion Design2Turkish
Tourism and Hotel Management2Turkish
Computer Programming2Turkish
Medical Imaging Techniques2Turkish
E-Commerce and Marketing2Turkish
Information Security Technology 2Turkish

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Faculty of EngineeringComputer Engineering4English
Faculty of EngineeringElectrical and Electronics Engineering4English
Faculty of EngineeringIndustrial Engineering4English
Faculty of EngineeringMechanical Engineering4English
Faculty of EngineeringSoftware Engineering4English
Faculty of EngineeringBiomedical Engineering4English
Faculty of MedicineMedicine6English
Faculty of MedicineMedicine6Turkish
Faculty of Arts and SciencesMolecular Biology and Genetics4English
Faculty of Arts and SciencesTranslation and Interpreting (English/Turkish)4English/Turkish
Faculty of Arts and SciencesPsychology4English
Faculty of Arts and SciencesPsychology4Turkish
Faculty of Arts and SciencesAmerican Culture and Literature4English
Faculty of Arts and SciencesMathematics4Turkish
Faculty of Arts and SciencesTurkish Language and Literature4Turkish
Faculty of Business AdministrationBusiness Administration4English
Faculty of Business AdministrationBusiness Administration4Turkish
Faculty of Business AdministrationPublic Relations and Advertising4Turkish
Faculty of Business AdministrationManagement Information Systems4English
Faculty of Business AdministrationPolitical Science and International Relations4Turkish
Faculty of Business AdministrationInternational Trade and Business4English
Faculty of ArchitectureIndustrial Product Design4Turkish
Faculty of ArchitectureInterior Architecture4Turkish
Faculty of ArchitectureArchitecture4Turkish
School of Health SciencesNutrition and Dietetics4Turkish
School of Health SciencesNutrition and Dietetics4English
School of Health SciencesMidwifery4Turkish
School of Health SciencesPhysiotherapy and Rehabilitation4Turkish
School of Health SciencesPhysiotherapy and Rehabilitation4English
School of Health SciencesNursing4Turkish
School of Health SciencesNursing4English
Faculty of Fine ArtsGraphic Design4Turkish
Faculty of Fine ArtsTextile and Fashion Design4Turkish
Faculty of Fine ArtsCartoon and Animation4Turkish
Faculty of Fine ArtsGastronomy and Culinary Arts4Turkish
ConservatoryTurkish Classical Music4Turkish
School of Physical Education and SportsCoaching Education4Turkish
School of Physical Education and SportsPhysical Education and Sports Teaching4Turkish
School of Physical Education and SportsRecreation4Turkish
School of Physical Education and SportsSports Management4Turkish
School of Physical Education and SportsSports Management4English

Master's Degree Programs

Accounting and Auditing (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Accounting and Auditing (with Thesis)2Turkish
Accounting and Financing (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Accounting and Financing (with Thesis)2Turkish
Applied Mathematics (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Applied Mathematics (with Thesis)2Turkish
Architecture (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Architecture (with Thesis)2Turkish
Business Administration (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Business Administration (with Thesis)2Turkish
Clinical Psychology (with Thesis)2Turkish
Computational Science and Engineering (with Thesis)2Turkish
Computer Engineering (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Computer Engineering (with Thesis)2Turkish
Electronics and Communication Engineering (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Electronics and Communication Engineering (Thesis)2Turkish
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (with Thesis)2Turkish
Engineering Management (with Thesis)2Turkish
General Psychology (with Thesis)2Turkish
General Psychology (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Graphic Design (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Graphic Design (with Thesis)2Turkish
Hospital and Health Facilities Management (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Hospital and Health Facilities Management (with Thesis)2Turkish
Industrial Design (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Industrial Design (with Thesis)2Turkish
Industrial Engineering (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Industrial Engineering (with Thesis)2Turkish
Industrial Engineering (Non-Thesis) (English)1.5English
Industrial Engineering (with Thesis) (English)2English
Interior Architecture (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Interior Architecture (with Thesis)2Turkish
International Trade and Business (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
International Trade and Business (with Thesis)2Turkish
International Business Management (Non-Thesis)1.5English
International Business Management (with Thesis)2English
Management and Information Systems (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Management and Information Systems (with Thesis)2Turkish
Master of Business Administration (Non-Thesis)1.5English
Master of Business Administration (with Thesis)2English
Mechanical Engineering (with Thesis)2Turkish
Molecular Biology and Genetics (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Molecular Biology and Genetics (with Thesis)2Turkish
Nursing (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Nursing (with Thesis)2Turkish
Nutrition and Dietetics (with Thesis)2Turkish
Physical Education and Sports (with Thesis)2Turkish
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (with Thesis)2Turkish
Textile and Fashion Design (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Textile and Fashion Design (with Thesis)2Turkish
Theater (with Thesis)2Turkish
Tourism Management (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Tourism Management (with Thesis)2Turkish
Turkish Classical Music (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Turkish Classical Music (with Thesis)2Turkish
Turkish Language and Literature (Non-Thesis)1.5Turkish
Turkish Language and Literature (with Thesis)2Turkish

PhD Programs

Business Administration4Turkish
Nutrition and Dietetics4Turkish
Physical Education and Sports4Turkish
Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation4Turkish
Textile and Fashion Design4Turkish
Turkish Classical Music4Turkish

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