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Haliç University is one of the first foundation universities of Turkey which was established in 1998. Along with its 11 Faculties, a Vocational School, Conservatory and Graduate Institute; our University is a leading foundation university of Turkey, which pursues its education and research mission on a wide spectrum including health, engineering, architecture, sports and art. By the means of the new education model that we have developed, we aim to have qualified graduates who prioritize research and initiative, achieve cross-border successes and have gained spiritual satisfaction besides professional satisfaction. Centering upon design and creativity, our University has a priority to raise eligible individuals, who can deliver solutions by looking from different perspectives. With this priority in mind, our University takes its place in international rankings thanks to the effect of its 24.000 graduates on both Turkey and the world.


Core Values


By offering double major and minor options in all departments with various fields of study, we provide a versatile and multidisciplinary education opportunities for all of our students. ​


Our university has a diverse student population with hundreds of international students from over 70 countries creating an inclusive and sociable campus environment.


We have created a distinguished learning environment for students by adapting innovative teaching models and constantly developing practices.

Qualified Academicians

The academicians at our university are well-renowned experts of their field who provide vast contributions to their areas in academic and sectoral aspects while also training their students to adapt the same values. ​

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We Are Teaching

Since 1998

Being established as one of the first foundation universities in the country in 1998, our knowledge and experience in the field of education continues to expand everyday with an attitude that is constantly open to innovation and development.

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What You Will Find At Haliç ​

Classes and seminars are just a small part of your student life. Live your youth fully with all the opportunities and facilities provided by Haliç. 

Modern Spaces​

The modern architecture of our campus, classrooms, resting zones and cafes are designed to lift students' mood and productivity. ​

Sports Facilities​

Our campus hosts all the necesary sports facilities for the use of students, such as volleyball and basketball fields, running tracks, and many more.

Campus Library​

The vast resources of our library are accessible by students both on-campus and online through our e-library. Students can access 60.000+ printed books and e-books at our 5-story library.

Student Clubs​

There are over 50 student clubs at our university where students can express themselves, focus on their interests, practice their hobbies and socialize.​

Latest Equipment​

All laboratories at our university are equipped with the latest technology, tools and equipment for all of sorts of studies to be conducted. ​

Deans of Faculties


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