Phone Device Registration

October 16, 2020

If you use a foreign mobile phone, with a Turkish SIM card, it will work for 120 days. Within that time, you must pay a tax and register it or it will be cut off.

If you buy a Turkish SIM card and use it with your mobile phone, you have 120 days from the day of your arrival in Turkey to pay a mobile phone use tax, and register your foreign mobile phone in the Central Equipment Identity Register. Once your phone is blocked, you will only be able to access emergency numbers.

Mobile Phone Registration Cost

IMEI registration fees have been changed. The fee, which was 1838 TL, was increased to 2006 TL. In other words, in order to register the IMEI of telephones coming from abroad, users must both process their passport information and pay a 2006 TL fee.

Registering Your Mobile Phone in Turkey

  1. Find the telephone’s IMEI number.
    1. You can check it by dialing: *#06#
  2. For Payment:
    1. Go to any local tax office.
      1. Take your passport and Residence Permit, and the required payment with you and go to “Vergi Dairesi” in your area. Once you’re there, ask where’s the payment desk (Vezne).
      2. Write your IMEI down carefully on a piece of paper with your Name, and the Passport number. There should be no mistakes!
    2. Paying online:
      1. You should open the online Tax Office Portal and choose “Harç ve Değerli Kağıt Bedeli” and then “Cep Telefonu Harcı Ödeme” and type down your information.
      2. It will ask for your Residence Permit Number.
      3. Write down your IMEI carefully.
      4. It’ll open a new page with the payment page, to write down your credit card information and pay.
      5. Once you pay, save the online receipt.
  3. Registration Time!
    1. with residence permit by e-Devlet (Preferable):
      1. After logging into the e-Devlet website, search for “IMEI Kaydet.
      2. Write down the required information on the next page.
      3. After you’ve done writing down the information, your phone will be registered in a very short period of time.
    2. Registration without residence permit:
      1. After receiving the receipt, you should go to your mobile operator company store in Taksim in order to register your phone.
      2. Mobile companies are charging for the registration around 80-100₺ (excluding the sim card fee). So approximately you’ll pay in total 250-270₺ (subject to change) for mobile registration.

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