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Employment Opportunities for Graduates

Graduates of the Faculty of Architecture can work as designers, practitioners and controllers in the project design and construction units of the Public and Private Sector (Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, Ministry of Transport, Municipalities, Building Inspection Organisations, Banks, etc.). As a freelance architect, they can establish their own workplaces and carry out public and private sector projects and projects that they have ranked in national and international competitions. They can take part in exhibition organisations and magazines published in the field of architecture. They can work as academicians in universities.

The objective of the Faculty of Architecture is to give an attentive and unique education model raising competent intellectual professionals, who can solve crucial design-related problems and be respectful of the national and local realities.


Dean of Faculty

Prof. Dr. Füsun Seçer Kariptaş

Our Faculty of Architecture has started to accept students to our university since 2000. It continues its education activities in three departments as Architecture, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design. The Vision of our Faculty of Architecture is to be an academic institution that educates researcher, entrepreneur, solution-oriented and innovative individuals; produces high quality added value by observing ethical rules for the scientific, technological, artistic and cultural development of the society; to be an academic institution that can have a voice in the national and international arena. With this vision, we aim to be one of the leading Faculties of Architecture in Turkey, training experts in their fields through education, training and scientific research with the awareness of the deep-rooted past and cultural heritage represented by the Golden Chain of the Golden Horn. The new and updated goal of the Faculty of Architecture's classical basic education is to provide a rigorous and original education in the direction of raising intellectual and successful professionals who can solve design problems at a high level, respect and respect national and local realities. In addition, our main task is to train architects, interior architects and industrial product designers who are sensitive to cultural heritage in the professional sense and who can produce effective solutions to the current problems of Istanbul by developing feasible projects. Our projects at the Faculty level, which we started to realise with this goal and vision, continue with the same excitement and effort. For these projects, which we carry out with great effort, rapid steps are taken with the original, devoted work and meticulous contributions of all our academicians. We continue on our way by aiming to provide the same quality and quality education to our new students joining us.

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The main purpose of the Department of Architecture is to train contemporary architects who will contribute to the planning and projecting of living and usage areas that will meet all kinds of needs of people with their modern education understanding and practices.

Interior Architecture

The Interior Architecture Undergraduate Program is built on the main idea to graduate people equipped with necessary knowledge and skills to design and detail creative and livable interiors suitable considering today's needs for human-space relations and technological developments

Industrial Design

Industrial Product Design is a profession that takes place in the design, application and management phases of all kinds of objects produced by industrial methods. Graduates of the department usually work as a designer in the furniture industry, automotive industry, glass and ceramic industry, interior design decoration, graphic design and packaging.

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