Faculty of Architecture

The vision of our Faculty is to be an academic unit, which educates investigative, enterprising, solution-oriented and open-minded individuals, produces high added-value in regard to the codes of conduct for the scientific, technological, artistic and cultural development of society and, has a voice in both national and international arenas.

Keeping this vision in mind, we aim to be one of the most prominent Architecture Faculties of Turkey, which raises experts in the field through the instrument of academic education and scientific researches with the concious of the deep-rooted history and cultural heritage symbolized by the the Golden Chain of the Golden Horn.

The objective of the Faculty of Architecture is to give an attentive and unique education model raising competent intellectual professionals, who can solve crucial design-related problems and be respectful of the national and local realities.

Serpil Polat

Faculty Secretary | (0 212) 924 24 44

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Dean of Faculty

Prof. Dr. Önder Küçükerman

Men's hands with architectural tools


The main purpose of the Department of Architecture is to train contemporary architects who will contribute to the planning and projecting of living and usage areas that will meet all kinds of needs of people with their modern education understanding and practices.

Interior Architecture

The Interior Architecture Undergraduate Program is built on the main idea to graduate people equipped with necessary knowledge and skills to design and detail creative and livable interiors suitable considering today's needs for human-space relations and technological developments
Industrial planning in workshop

Industrial Design

Industrial Product Design is a profession that takes place in the design, application and management phases of all kinds of objects produced by industrial methods. Graduates of the department usually work as a designer in the furniture industry, automotive industry, glass and ceramic industry, interior design decoration, graphic design and packaging.