Vocational School

In accordance with the vision and mission of our University and Vocational High School, it is aimed to train vocational and technical personnel who reach knowledge and skills, adopt lifelong education awareness as a principle, question, research, learn and produce, respect human and nature, in line with the goals set for them. Our Vocational School "trains competent professionals, not intermediate staff".

In our Vocational School, our academic staff and students can benefit from Erasmus Exchange Programs. Our students can receive education support within the scope of Erasmus program in universities or higher education institutions in other participating countries within the framework of bilateral agreements and regulations.

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Director of School

Prof. Dr. B.Koray Tunçalp

Prof. Dr. B.Koray Tunçalp

Cooking with confidence


It is ensured that cookery students get to know different culinary cultures, cooking techniques, kitchen tools and equipment, follow the innovations related to their departments closely, strengthen human relations and grow well-equipped in the sector.

Positive insurance broker handshaking with young couple

Banking and Insurance

The Banking and Insurance Program aims to train graduates who are equipped with up-to-date information required by the industry, who can take analytical decisions quickly and accurately, and who have practical knowledge through theoretical knowledge and various system and program applications in today’s competitive market conditions.

Laptop on modern wooden desk

Computer Technology

At the end of two years of education; students graduate as experts who are open to innovations, highly confident, prone to teamwork, competent in operating systems; and experienced in computer network architectures, developing web-based applications, and knowing database architectures and applications. Along with the central location of the campus in the heart of the IT sector, the students have the opportunity to improve themselves.

Group of Children in Development School

Child Development

Individuals graduating from the Child Development Program should be equipped to understand normal and atypical children aged 0-18, to plan activities that suit their needs, to support all areas of development, to develop problem-solving skills, to raise creative, happy and self-confident individuals.

Electronics technology concept

Electronics Technology

Our program, which provides education at the associate level, trains technicians who have sufficient knowledge about the technical staff requirement of the sector, who know the subjects such as manufacturing techniques, design techniques, and material selection, and who can apply their knowledge to industrial systems and equipment.

Couple physical therapy with nurse

Physical Therapy

The purpose of the physiotherapy program is to train assistant health personnel who are equipped with modern knowledge and skills, have advanced research and problem solving skills, have cultural accumulation and communication, are prone to team work, can use technological tools and equipment in their fields, give importance to human health and ethical values, and know their authority and responsibilities.

Graphic designer using graphic tablet and desktop

Graphic Design

In this two-year period, theoretical lessons, workshop practices and industry-based teaching are provided in the program. In accordance with the development of the age, the Graphic Design Program provides a modern education with a participatory, sharing, original and aesthetic values in the field of science, technology, art and culture, in accordance with the training of qualified personnel equipped with practical and theoretical knowledge required by the industry and business world.

Customers entering interior design store

Interior Design

Being able to make technical drawings using art and technology as a result of changing consumer and producer needs and requirements, acquiring the necessary knowledge and technical equipment at international standards for the realization of the designed spaces, having the confidence to design and work independently, and also being able to demonstrate the harmony of being a good team player, professional responsibility and ethics

Nurse teaching first aid to a group of seniors

First and Emergency Aid

The students who will graduate from the program will be able to recognize all kinds of system trauma and diseases, which are defined as the key of the life chain and are an important part of pre-hospital emergency care, equipped with the information that can usually intervene in the critical condition of the patient or injured at first, can provide basic and advanced life support. The main objective of the program is to ensure that they become competent “Ambulance and Emergency Care Technicians” who can take appropriate emergency approach and act in accordance with ethical rules.

Desk of construction engineer

Construction Technology

The aim of this program is to educate intermediate technical personnel who will serve our country in the construction sector and can meet the requirements of the age by making use of science, technology and art knowledge.

container freight station, modern logistics background


Within this scope, the Logistics Program has been established in a structure that people who has theoretical knowledge, has a high analytical perspective, interprets information, foresee the future, conducts research, and provide training workplace experience with internship activities.

Two Tailors Working On Collection In Fashion Design Workshop

Fashion Design

The program is designed to teach students the basic concepts of textiles, fashion design and ready-to-wear fashion, as well as to develop manual skills in industry and workshop applications. The program aims to meet the industry’s qualified staff needs today and in the future.

Two smiling guests checking in at a hotel reception

Tourism and Hotel Management

Tourism and Hotel Management Program was established in 2011 in order to to train personnel who can provide a wide range of services to meet all kinds of customer needs as a staff or manager in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc. in the tourism industry.

doctor holding injection vaccine.


Our education program at the undergraduate level, have sufficient information to meet the technical needs of the industry, anaesthesia, intensive care and pain units, the theoretical and practical applications have enough information about the infrastructure, devices and technical elements that are used in anaesthesia, intensive care units, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is to train technicians who can gain experience.

Scheme of electrical relay inside housing


The purpose of the program is to train qualified personnel to respond to the demands and developments of the sector in the fields of production, transmission and distribution of electricity, performing factory maintenance and control, working systems of electrical machines and motors, projecting electrical facilities, introduction, operation, and malfunctions of all systems operating with electricity.

Cooper using machinery


Our program, which provides education at the associate degree level, trains technicians who have sufficient knowledge about the technical staff requirement of the sector, who know the subjects such as manufacturing techniques, design techniques, and material selection, and who can apply their knowledge to industrial systems and equipment.

Man programming on a computer, office background

Computer Programming

Purpose of our program is to train scientists. They are going to have enough information on technical staff requirement of the sector. Also one of our goals is to train qualified graduates who need the IT sector, follow technological developments, use them actively, and transfer what they learn to production.

Medical Imaging Techniques

The aim of this course is to train the auxiliary technical personnel needed in the practice of medical imaging techniques providing education at associate degree level. By informing patients about the radiological examinations during the two years of training to prepare the radiation safety and the privacy of the patient during the examination, after examination, that are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of patient medical information, keep track of periodic maintenance and repairs of the fixtures, record keeping and audits related to the operations of regular archiving of experience in providing winning aimed to educate technicians.