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Hazar SUNAY 🇹🇷

Marketing Assistant Specialist

Birdem BULUT 🇹🇷

Student Support Assistant Specialist

Abdurrahman SIREGAR 🇮🇩

Student Support Assistant Specialist

Omaima KAOIMI 🇲🇦

Marketing Assistant Specialist

Rafik OMIRI 🇩🇿

Marketing Assistant Specialist

Şeyma YILMAZ 🇹🇷

Assistant Specialist

meet our

International Office Student Assistants​

Our student assistants are current students of Haliç University that are ambitious about making a change and contributing to the environment where they are studying, learning and growing in. Student assistants support certain processes that occur in the International Office and take part in innovative activities such as creative thinking and idea generating. They are always here to guide and support you in your processes at Haliç, the same way that they have been guided in their journeys.

Faisal Arafeh 🇯🇴🇵🇸

Arabic | English

Humaid Abdul Ghani 🇮🇳

Tamil | English | Hindi | Urdu | Turkish

Abdulkader Alabdullah 🇸🇾

Arabic | English | Turkish

Souhael Fennane 🇲🇦

Arabic | French | English | Turkish

Muhammad Jazib Khan 🇵🇰

English | Urdu | Hindi

Amira Khasanova 🇰🇬

Kyrgyz | Russian | English | Turkish

Yasmina Bakhtiarzahdeh 🇮🇷

Persian | English | Turkish

Dilshod Bakhtiyarov 🇰🇿 🇺🇿

Kazakh | Uzbek | Russian | English

Abdul Azeez Mohamed Harees 🇱🇰

English | Tamil

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