English Preparatory School

English is the language most widely used all over the world and besides providing a common ground for social, political, economic, scientific and technological communication, it is regarded  the global lingua franca ( common language for people from different cultures).  Thus, English language acquisition and practical skills have gained more importance.

In our university, the medium of instruction for many subjects is going to be English in the next academic year,  thereby students from various countries will be wellcomed besides our Turkish students. Our Foreign Languages and Prep School is looking forward with its experienced and equipped instructors to applying the most efficient approaches and methods for teaching you the language which you will need not only during your university education but also for following the professional developments in your fields of study and communicating in your social lives afterwards.

Berna Yıldız

Faculty Secretary | (0 212) 924 24 44

Dean of Faculty

Prof. Güller Pınar Bilgin

Prof. Güller Pınar Bilgin

English Language Courses & Modular System

English Language Courses: 

At Haliç University Preparatory Program, weekly course hour is totally 24  including 16 hours Main Course and 8 hours Four Skills. The teaching programme involves developing four basic skills namely Reading, writing, Listening and Speaking along with teaching vocabulary and grammar . Besides these courses, we provide tutorial programmes for students who want to develop themselves further .

Modular System:

English Preparatory Program consists of  4 modules  which have 7-8 weeks education period (duration).

English Language Levels

A1 - Beginner Level

At this level, students have the ability to understand simple phrases used in daily life and to define himself and the others in simple structures.

A2 - Elementary Level

At this level, students have the ability to understand basic sentence structure with  simple phrases used in daily life ; like simple dialogues related with family and himself (if it is spoken clearly and not with a fast level of English) Furthermore they get the ability of using the language in shopping, travelling and  getting the knowledge they need in normal lıfe with a sense of using simple terminology about himself and the people around.

B1 - Intermediate Level

At this level of English language, students are able to understand and follow the ordinary topics they come across in their daily or academic lives through their main lines clearly. In the event of a travel to regions where the English language is spoken, they can comprehend the language mostly and can communicate when necessary in various situations. Besides, they acquire the skills of managing interrelated conversations, and explaining experiences and incidents in their related cause-effect frames.

B2 - Upper Intermediate Level

At this level of English language, students are able to comprehend the main ideas presented in the texts which include concrete and abstract concepts from their professional/vocational fields. They, additionally, acquire the skills of managing conversations with native English speakers fluently and smoothly without any prior preparation, and expressing their opinions clearly and smoothly in various subjects both in verbal and written ways. 

C - Advanced Level

This level is a transition to faculty programs. This level does not only focus on language skills and competence, it also combines these skills and competences with the academic needs of students at the university. At this level, students develop their reading skills, discussion skills, reading and listening to long academic texts and note taking skills. Our students are expected to choose a specific subject, evaluate their chosen subject, and improve themselves on topics such as using resources to write academic papers. At this level, you are expected to read story books that are suitable for your level determined by the lecturers. Also, at the end of the course, your knowledge and skills will be evaluated with the Course Completion Exam (KB).

Other Accepted Exams

Students can only be exempted from the English Preperatory Programme without entering the English Proficiency Exam provided that they submit some national and international foreign language exam scores which can be considered equal to the passing grade of the English Proficiency Exam. These students can submit these documents to our English Prep School and Foreign Language Directorate for the exemption process. These exam scores are valid for two years and the applications for the exemption should be made two weeks before the starting of the Fall Semester, the latest. The other accepted exams are below:

Haliç University Proficiency Exam


TOEFL (IBT) - Test of English as a Foreign Language


PTE Academic - (Pearson Language Tests)


YDS - Yabancı Dil Sınavı


YÖKDİL - Yükseköğretim Kurumları Yabancı Dil Sınavı