How to register your Address in the Government System?

October 16, 2020

You must register your address in the Directorate of Population Office (Nüfus müdürlüğü) in your area.

You can do so by giving them the contract, any of the following bills (internet/water/electricity) that shows your name with the address.

How to get your official address paper online:

  1. Open the e-Devlet website, and search for “Yerleşim Yeri (İkametgah) ve Diğer Adres Belgesi Sorgulama” which means, Place of residence, and address document inquiry.
  2. You have to put a check where it’s required, then on the next page, choose the option (Kendisi), which means, “myself”.
  3. Choose “kişi talebi” to get it for yourself for later use.
  4. Now that you’ve done this, you could print this paper, and you could submit it to any unit.

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