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About us

Haliç University TÖMER –acronym for Türkçe Öğretim Merkezi- was founded in 2019 with the aim of teaching Turkish Language to foreigners by patterning the language and culture centers of the world.

TÖMER carried out its activities as the first and only institution to teach Turkish as a foreign language in 1980s. In the academic year of 1989-1990, it started teaching English, French and German; then, gradually, along with the many other foreign languages, the Eurasian Turkish Languages are being taught at the moment. These studies in the field of language have enabled TÖMER to gain identity as scientific based language center and to develop new methods and techniques for teaching foreign languages.

TÖMER, which started teaching English, French and German in the year 1989, now teaches Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Persian and Ottoman Turkish.

Exchange students and language school for different people
Level Duration
7 Weeks
7 Weeks
7 Weeks
7 Weeks
7 Weeks
7 Weeks



To follow and improve language teaching techniques as a foreign language.

To carry out education and training activities in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference.

To contribute to the environment of Halic University, which has cultural diversity.

It aims to contribute to the teaching of Turkish to foreign students at our university.



Students who complete the Basic and Intermediate levels become certified by the TOMER Director; the students who complete the Advanced level, get the TOMER diploma approved by the Rector of Haliç University.

7/8 attendance is required. A student who exceeds the absenteeism rate without a valid excuse will not be allowed to take the final exam and is deemed to have failed their level of study. The course fee will not be refunded for the days and hours in which the course is not attended.

The students who register for Turkish Language Courses are deemed to have accepted all the above terms and conditions.

The result of the Placement Exam is valid for 4 months. Despite the result of the Placement Test, the course instructor may change the course within the first week of the course with the approval of the responsible person in case it deems necessary.

If a student wishes to freeze his/her registration, it must be done in the first week of the registered level courses, if possible, with a valid excuse; subsequent applications will not be accepted and the fee for the non-continuing course period will not be refunded.

Contact us

You may reach us on email, or visit us at the office for more details and information.

Director: Ass. Prof. Dr. Fatma İmamoğlu


Address: B BLOK 1. Floor TÖMER Office
İmrahor Street Sütlüce District No:82 Beyoğlu
Phone : +90 (212) 924 24 44
E-mail: tomer@halic.edu.tr