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English is the language most widely used all over the world and besides providing a common ground for social, political, economic, scientific and technological communication, it is regarded  the global lingua franca ( common language for people from different cultures).  Thus, English language acquisition and practical skills have gained more importance.

In our university, the medium of instruction for many subjects is going to be English in the next academic year,  thereby students from various countries will be wellcomed besides our Turkish students. Our Foreign Languages and Prep School is looking forward with its experienced and equipped instructors to applying the most efficient approaches and methods for teaching you the language which you will need not only during your university education but also for following the professional developments in your fields of study and communicating in your social lives afterwards.

Cemal Balci

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Prof. Dr. Oya OĞUZ

Prof. Dr. Oya OĞUZ

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Translation and Interpreting

Established in 1998, Haliç University's Department of American Culture and Literature aims to introduce students to the development of American culture and literature through both departmental courses and conferences, seminars and art events organized with other universities.
Psychology group


As Psychology Department, our goals are to train graduates who can understand human nature, their inner world, their emotions, thoughts and behaviors, and realize the personal and life events that affect them. Psychology also tries to explain and predict his behavior by applying the laws he has obtained to people.
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Turkish Language and Literature

The Department of Turkish Language and Literature is an undergraduate program that aims to offer students an inclusive and multidimensional education with a rich curriculum covering all phases, genres and topics of our literature, from classical literature to modern literature, poetry, novel and Sufism to folk literature.
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English Translation and Interpreting

The aim of our department is to train “intercultural communication specialist” translators who have high level linguistic, cultural, textual skills, research awareness, special field and world knowledge, ethical values of the profession and know the national / international translation sector in the Turkish-English language-culture pair.
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Molecular Biology and Genetics

Molecular Biology and Genetics, which is an ever-developing, interdisciplinary branch of science, explores the basic properties, structure and functions of molecules that make up life, their interactions with each other and the cellular responses resulting from these interactions.
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Mathematics is the basis of all sciences and a language of nature where everything in the universe can be expressed. It is known that there is a need for mathematics knowledge in the infrastructure of all kinds of research. Today, it plays an important role in the fields of Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Architecture as well as in Business and similar social sciences.