Faculty of Engineering

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering of Haliç University. As a Faculty focused on student-centered learning, we are glad to see you, our students, at our University. We would like you to know that the years you spent here will be the most significant part of your lives particularly in terms of your future. As your lecturers, we are making every effort to educate you as determined, hardworking and enterprising professionals with the skills of technics, analytical thinking, investigating, analysis and synthesis, establishing cause and effect relations, experimentation and creative thinking required for engineering profession, which is composed of several disciplines and based on mathematics, physics and their various combinations.

The departments inside our faculty are taught completely in English, and the current and future requirements of the general public are considered in the readiness of the educational plan and substance. What's more, it is pointed that our alumni can work everywhere on the globalizing scene. All together for our understudies to graduate in the most prepared state for their expert life, by offering a course curriculum that can likewise profit by the global chances of our college, distinctive collaboration models are actualized inside industry.

Pinar Akdeniz

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Dean of Faculty

Prof. Dr. Salaheddine Bendak

Prof. Dr. Salaheddine Bendak

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Computer Engineering

Since its establishment in 2000, Haliç University Computer Engineering Department aims to train innovative, inquisitive Computer Engineers who can meet the requirements of Computer Engineering, master current technologies, take part in research and development processes, and manage related processes.
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Software Engineering

The main objective of the Software Engineering Department, is to educate qualified engineer and manager candidates who are able to work in both public and private organizations, or to establish their own businesses.
Scheme of electrical relay inside housing

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is one of the fastest growing branches of science.It has a wide range such as electricity, electronics, communication, control, automation, energy, computer.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is an engineering discipline that involves the design, analysis, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems by using fundamental physics principles and material technologies, and trains engineers who can provide analytical solutions to problems by mathematical modeling. The importance of mechanical engineering that is one of the basic engineering disciplines, increase with the technological developments.
Industrial Crane

Industrial Engineering

The mission of our department is to ensure that our students are educated as industrial engineers who are innovative, solution-oriented, having problem-solving skills, qualified, preferred and self-confident in order to become individuals beneficial to our country and humanity in all respects within the framework of professional ethical rules.