Faculty of Business Administration

The Faculty of Business Administration, which continues its activities in its campus on the Golden Horn, provides education to approximately 1500 students at undergraduate and graduate levels. The Faculty has six different undergraduate programs consisting of three in English and three in Turkish language curriculum. Besides, there are eight graduate and one doctorate programs  which are carried out by our Faculty.

Our education and training programs have been created to meet both global and national needs. The Faculty’s curriculum is constantly updated depending on the developments in global and national environments. In this direction, our main goal is to educate and raise dynamic individuals who are research oriented and willing to access information, rational, hardworking, aiming at continuous development, creative, innovative  and at the same time who have strong social abilities.

Günay Korucu

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Dean of Faculty

Prof. Dr. Zafer Utlu

Prof. Dr. Zafer Utlu

The management is checking the accuracy of the company budget information.

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems program combines the theoretical and application of computer science and business management technically and socially. This discipline highlights factors such as software design and data science gaining importance all over the world and promising wide employment opportunities. The aim of the program is to train professionals with high work ethics, who has good knowledge in Information and Communication Technologies, able to develop software and system projects and answer the growing usage of information Technologies in work life.
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Political Science and International Relations

Political Science and International Relations Department aims to raise graduates with the vision and quality required to answer the questions and problems raised by globalization, but also to benefit from the opportunities and potentiality, with its rich and competent faculty staff at the campus on the Golden Horn coast. It carries out a training aimed at reaching the global, not limited to the local, and providing a perspective based on multi-dimensional analysis and equipping it with the knowledge of politics, political thought, law, economy, culture, history and language.
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International Trade and Business

In our International Trade and Business department, professional courses related to every field of international trade are provided in line with basic courses such as economics, business, law, business mathematics and statistics. Professional courses are placed in the four year program in a harmonized manner. Students who have completed the five-year program together with the preparatory class will be able to gain necessary skill to join in all institutions with international economic relations, mainly foreign trade companies.
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Business Administration

The purpose of the Business Department is to train knowledgeable, competitive and innovative managers in an increasingly global competitive environment. We see it as our primary duty to train enough national and international managers who can adapt to the competitive environment where rapid changes and developments are experienced and provide competitive advantage.
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Public relations and publicity

Department of Public Relations and Publicity which has become a discipline by blending with media and advertising in the field of communication sciences, was opened as a department of the Faculty of Business Administration at our university to train public relations professionals who has high communication skills, can use communication technologies effectively, analyze the current period well and create communication strategies in this context. Businesses need Public Relations and Publicity practices as a business function in order to protect their market shares, to get more shares and to make a "difference" in every field.

Tourism Management

The tourism management department aims to train tourism managers who can meet the expectations of the tourism industry. Targets to train the students equipped to be successful in local and global markets by following the rules of the innovative, scientific, modern world, and can think analytically, knowledgeable so can be preferred administrators. Our basic principle in our department, which has a student-oriented approach, is to contribute to the personal development of our students, to raise world citizens who are aware of their traditions and who can look with a universal perspective.