Faculty of Medicine

Tuğba Erez

Faculty Secretary

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Message from Faculty

Medical students should to be hardworking, devoted and respectful. The ability and the effort of the teacher is not enough to be successful, additionally students should have been chosen the medical job willingly and intentionally. 

Medical Faculty of Haliç University was founded in 2014 and started medical education in 2017-2018 academic year. Medical faculty is located in Sütlüce Campus of Haliç University by the Haliç Coast. Our faculty is placed at the center of Istanbul city; thus, transportation is easy to the various social and cultural facility places. Istanbul is the historical capital city including several historical sites of major civilizations. Beside medical education, we provide our students an environment for development of their social and cultural intelligence in Istanbul.


Dean of Faculty

Prof.Dr. Ali Kubilay Korkut

Ali Kubilay Korkut is professor of cardiac and vascular surgery. He was born in 1970. After completing primary school in 1980, he graduated from Istanbul Erkek Lisesi in 1987. He qualified in medicine in Istanbul Medical Faculty of Istanbul University between 1987 and 1993. He completed his cardiac and vascular training in Istanbul Medical Faculty of Istanbul University between 1993 and 1999. As part of his training, he worked in Great Ormond Street Hospital in London (1994) regarding pediatric cardiac surgery and in OLV Clinic in Aalst Belgium (2001) regarding adult cardiac surgery, major vascular surgery and robotic surgery. He worked as specialist registrar in Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul and in Haseki Heart Centre of Istanbul University. He became associate professor in 2012.

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An integrated education system is applied in our faculty. With this program, it is aimed to train our students to be equipped to understand and comprehend the teachings of the following years without filling them with memorized information, to support their knowledge with their skills, and to improve their ability to make decisions when they are alone.