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We're in the Top 400 in the field of Social Benefit in the Times Higher Education Rankings!

In the rankings of Times Higher Education (THE), who surveyed more than 1,300 higher education institutions from 92 countries, our university ranked in the top 200 in the “Reducing Inequalities and Gender Equality” category, top 300 in the “Responsible Consumption and Accessible Clean Energy” category, and top 400 in the fields of “Quality Education” and “Welfare in Health” categories, taking its place among the world universities.

Virtual Reality in education.

As Haliç University, we are improving the quality of education by integrating the factor of virtual reality into education with the right systems. We increase productivity with virtual reality applications that will especially be used for courses requiring observation and interaction. Surgical simulation for Medicine students, navigating places for students of Architecture and creating virtual prototypes for Engineering students are among some examples of things that we can accomplish.

Welcome to Haliç University!

With 10.000 active students in 7 Faculties, 2 Colleges, a Vocational School, a Conservatory and a Graduate Education Institute, we are a leading a Foundation University in Turkey with continuing missions of education and research on a wide spectrum from health, engineering, architecture to sports and arts since 1998 and having established some departments for the first time in Turkey.

By the means of the new education model that we have developed, we aim to have qualified graduates who prioritize research and initiative, achieve cross-border successes and have gained spiritual satisfaction besides professional satisfaction

As one of the international universities in Turkey with the medium of instruction in English, Haliç University is opening its doors to new international prospective students.


Our University, places design and creativity at its focal aim with the priority of raising students who approach challenges from different perspectives while producing solutions for them. 

With its 18.000 graduates, Haliç University takes its place in the international rankings as an impactful university within Turkey and the rest of the World.

Prof. Dr. Melih Bulu | Rector

It all begins here.

Centering upon design and creativity, our University has a priority to raise eligible individuals, who can deliver solutions by looking from different perspectives. With this priority in mind, our University takes its place in international rankings thanks to the effect of its 18.000 graduates on both Turkey and the world.
Dining Hall

Our dining hall is 870 square meters, 2 yellow areas, 2 green areas, 1 blue area, 1 pink area, 1 orange area, and a total seating area of 420 people. Accordingly, there are hand washing basin section, dishwasher, food distribution station area and external sections consisting of 1 room.

Shuttle Services

You can reach all our campuses in the center of Istanbul using public transportation. In addition, from our Beşiktaş, Mecidiyeköy and Halıcıoğlu services; You can reach our Sütlüce campus.