September 30, 2021

Dear Students,  

We are pleased to announce that the courses for the coming 2021/2022 Fall Semester are planned to be held face-to-face. We are very excited to finally see you on campus and for our students to get back to the normal course of their academic lives.  

According to the pandemic precautions taken within the notice of the Ministry of Health along with the Council of Higher Education, the students are needed to fulfill some requirements to enter the campus.   

Students will firstly need to obtain their HES codes, which needs to be presented at the gate every time they arrive at the campus. On the HES application; the risk status, the vaccination and immunity information as well as the PCR test status should be activated and accessible in the settings.  

Please note that it is important for you to have two doses of vaccination. If you haven’t yet been vaccinated, note that at least one dose needs to be administered and your appointment for the second one should be taken as soon as possible.   

The right to vaccination for international students with temporary identification numbers (that begin with 987…) has been granted to them by the Ministry of Health. They may adhere to a hospital with their temporary ID numbers and get their vaccinations.  

Wishing you healthy days ahead!

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