Summer School Announcement

June 9, 2021

Dear Students,

2020-2021 Academic year summer semester calender and conduct principles are as follows.

Summer Semester Academic Calender

Last Day to Submit Fees for Summer Semester2 July 2021
Course Registration and Advisor Approval18 June – 2 July 2021
Add-Drop Week and Advisor Approval5 – 7 July 2021
Start and End of Semester5 July – 27 August 2021
Eid-al-Adha (Eve day included)19 – 23 July 2021
Midterm Make-up Exams23 – 27 August 2021
Final Exams31 August – 4 September 2021

Summer Semester course program is expected to be announced on the 16th of June.

Midterm exams will be during the Summer Semester.

Summer Semester Course Conduct and Principles

  1. Courses may be conducted; online, face to face in campus, hybrid [1] and HyFlex [2]. For each class how the education will be conducted will be specified on the course program.
  2. Midterm and final examinations may be online or face-to-face accroding to the request of the faculty member. How exams will be conducted will be announced on course program and course cirruculums.
  3. Summer semester, unlike normal semester, is composed of 7 weeks. To maintain the same level course load for summer semester, per week the course load is doubled. (Exept online courses)
  4. Students will be able to register to maximum 4 courses and/or 12 credit worth of courses.
  5. Students cannot register for overlapping courses.
  6. Minimum 6 students should be registered to a course for it to open, if the number of registered students would be below 6, the course would be closed.
  7. Course credit fees; for Vocational courses 175TL, for Bachelor’s courses 250TL. The bank details for fee submission are given below.

Vakıfbank T.A.O

  • Mercan Branch

TR48 0001 5001 5800 7313 2371 57

[1] Hybrid: It is a model based face-to-face education at school on certain days and online education on certain days for all students. (For example; conducting the first 3 weeks of education online and the remaining 4 weeks face-to-face during the 7 weeks duration of summer semester.)

[2] HyFlex: While the course is conducted face-to-face in a classroom equipped with a camera and microphone, students can attend the lesson online simultaneously.

For the students of other universities requesting to take summer semester courses in Haliç University;

  1. Students have to select the courses that they request from announced course program and fill the “Summer School Application Form For Non-Institutional Students” to submit their related faculty. Click for the form.
  2. Non-Institutional student course registrations will be made by the Registrar’s Office, with the decision of the relevant Faculty Executive Board. Students have to complete their financial obligations in order to course registration.
  3. Course credit fees are; for Vocational courses 175TL, for undergraduate courses 250TL. The bank details for fee submission are given below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students have to pay with writing their Foreign ID number and name surname to description place.

Vakıfbank T.A.O

  • Mercan Branch

TR48 0001 5001 5800 7313 2371 57

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