Rome: The Eternal Architecture

April 12, 2022

One cannot tell if it is the Eternal City as generally referred to, but in Rome the architecture seems to be most certainly eternal. You can enter any street in Rome, walk towards any secret alleyway and the spirit of the architecture will not cease to exist. It is fascinating how the spirit of the city has been preserved for hundreds of years with the evident support of the undistorted architecture. All the houses are harmoniously identical in a way and the grounds are tiled with old stones that seem brand new. You would still feel like you are walking in ancient Rome while strolling around the city.

There are just too many monuments and museums to visit in the city. You need to determine the ones that interest you, book your tickets and allocate the necessary time needed to visit them in depth. One would definitely visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill trio to see the grand ruins and remnants of the ancient city.

The Roman Colosseum
The Colosseum

In most of the museums, it is likely to find perfectly embellished frescos and handmade sculptures or busts. Since there are many to choose from, I would recommend firstly visiting the Vatican Museums that consist of a collection of 9 museums in the Vatican City. In these museums, you can find examples of all sort of Roman art that you wish to see.

”When in Rome, do as the Romans do” they say. Definitely. Do not try to diet once you are anywhere in Italy. Follow with the way locals are living; start your day with a sweet cornetto, proceed to lunch with some light margherita pizza slice, make sure to spare time for some cantucci with espresso as your midday snack and make the closure with a fettuccini Alfredo or any pasta of your choice. Making a food tour in Rome is one of the funnest activities. With all the options, you will wish to continuously be hungry in order to be able to try all of the savory options. If you do not have time to try all of the Italian delicacies, please do not miss to have the famous Italian ice cream, gelato. Every corner store in your country may be serving some sort of “gelato” but rest assured that it will be different in Italy.

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