Make the Most of Your Studentship!

January 12, 2022

Being a student has many advantages, one being benefiting from several student discounts in many settings including online ones. We have listed below many useful platforms and online tools that you can use for free or discounted for the whole duration of your studentship.

Microsoft Office 365 Education – The most important of all for a student. Students use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint in almost all of their courses. Additional to those, Microsoft 365 comes along with Excel, Outlook, Access and many other popular Microsoft products that you can benefit from for free.

Autodesk for Students – Autodesk has several softwares to offer in the fields of architecture, engineering, constructing such as Fusion 360, Autodesk Inventor, 3DS Max, Maya, Revit and Civil 3D. You may reach these softwares for free and use them in your 3D design and analysis projects.

Canva Pro Education – Canva is a great tool to be used for design by any individual, even without prior experience. You can additionally benefit from Canva PRO to use all offered features without any charges and make unique designs.

Notion Personel Pro Education – This might be one of the best programs for students. With Notion PRO, you can take notes in class and share it with an unlimited number of people. All your classmates can this way contribute to your studying.

LucidChart Student – You may create diagrams, share them and simultaneously work on them with your peers through Premium LucidChart.

GitHub Student Developer Pack – You may learn many things about coding and becoming a developer. This pack includes programs and services such as Bootstrap Studio, Azure, Educative, GitKraken Pro Suite, Adafruit IO+, Arduino Cloud, Github Pro and StreamYard Essential Plan.

You may benefit from all such programs using your student email addresses with the extension of

Enjoy the self-development!

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