Haliç-X / Microsoft Teams

October 16, 2020

In order to open your Microsoft Teams Account to join your classes, you will have to activate your account by contacting sistem@halic.edu.tr

Once you receive your password for the Microsoft Teams from the IT Department team, you may download the Microsoft Teams Program on your Computer/Phone.

Use your Student Email, with the PASSWORD you got from the IT Department team.

After activating your Microsoft Teams, you will have to go to huzem.halic.edu.tr to login and check your courses/course codes.

You have to login with your Student ID Number, and your OBS Password that we sent you on your email before.

In case you’re facing issues with the Haliç-X system, you may contact huzem@halic.edu.tr

After logging into the Haliç-X System, you will be able to see all your Courses, and then you may get the Code of your course so you can use it on Microsoft Teams

You may press on any of the courses that you have, and you may get the COURSE CODE, in order to add it on the Microsoft Teams Program.

After getting the Code of the Course, you may open your Microsoft Teams again, and then add your Course Code to join the Class.

You will find your courses on the main Dashboard of the Microsoft Teams Program.

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