LOCKDOWN!! | Turkey

April 27, 2021

As decided by the President of Turkey, the following updates about the new regulations will be active starting Thursday 29/04/2021:

  1. A full lockdown will be implemented starting Thursday 29th of April at 7PM for a period of 3 weeks.
  2. The full lockdown starts from 7PM on Thursday, April 29, and continues until the morning of Monday, May 17.
  3. Small groceries have the right to work daily throughout the week from 10AM to 5PM, while large supermarket chains (The chain markets include markets such as Migros, Carrefour, A101, etc.) operate under the same conditions and are closed every Sunday.
  4. Restaurants are only allowed to deliver, without receiving customers at the workplace.
  5. Banks will work with a minimum number of employees between 10AM and 4PM.
  6. Hotel reservations will not be considered an excuse for intercity travel or for breaking the curfew.
  7. It will be forbidden to travel through cities without permission, and public transportation will work at 50% capacity.

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