How to Register for Courses?

February 19, 2021

You must login into your OBS (Student) System using your username and password through the following link, you may check English or Turkish from the button on the left up.

After logging into your account, you must choose Course Registration as shown in the image below;

Once you’re in the Course Registration Page, you will be able to choose your courses as you press on (+) for the courses that you must take as Must-Courses, and you may choose some selective courses if they are available. Orange Courses as shown below are the courses that you may take as your Area Elective Courses.

Example of the Courses Available

After choosing your courses, you must press on the “Check” button on the right side, and then wait for your Advisor to approve your courses.

In case you want to change anything from your registered courses, please contact your advisor.

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