HES Code Integration with the OBS System

January 13, 2022

Dear students,

As you may already know, students are needed to obtain HES codes and integrate them with their OBS system in order to enter the campus. Once this process is completed, you will be able to enter the campus by only having your student cards scanned at the entrance. 

It is important to note that, the HES code to be integrated with your OBS needs to be taken for an indefinite duration and should not expire. 

Below you may find the steps on how to create a HES code for an indefinite period:

You do not need to follow with this process if your HES Code duration is already indefinite.

1. Open your HES application and click on ‘My HES Codes’

2. Click on the ‘Add New Code’ button. If you have previously taken a code with a certain deadline, you need to take another code in order to make sure that its duration is indefinite. 

3. Choose ‘Indefinite‘ from the options and click ‘Continue

4. Your HES Code is created! You may integrate the code with your OBS account. 

Below you may find the steps on how to integrate your HES code with your OBS:

1. Login to your OBS and click on ‘HES Code Op.’ from the User Actions menu found on the right side menu.  

2. Fill in your information accordingly into the necessary fields and click on ‘Inquiry‘ to finalize.

Best regards,
Haliç International Office

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