June 30, 2022


The “Fashion Runway”, which was held by students of the Department of Textile and Fashion Design of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the new campus of our university on June 22nd, brought together young designers and significant figures of the fashion world.

The “Fashion Runway”, was held for the first time this year and was the first fashion show held in a university with the concept of street fashion. It was aimed to become one of the signature events of our university, while the designs of the students were presented to fashion lovers on the avenue located on the new campus of our university.

The fashion show “Fashion Runway” was organized by the choreographer Ferhan Aral, who has prepared fashion shows in important centres of the fashion world such as Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. At the end of the fashion show, students who are designers of creations were invited to the podium.

Our Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mehmet Naci TOPSAKAL, Our Rector Prof. Dr. Zafer UTLU, Our Dean of the Fine Arts Faculty Prof. Dr. Müge DEMİR AYRAL and the Head of Textile and Fashion Design department Zehra DOĞAN SÖZÜER presented plaques to important names from Eroğlu Holding and Filteks who supported the event.

The “Fashion Runway” was prepared with the motto “The exhibition of the free spirit of the street”. Denim collection, collection of cocktail and party concepts with avant-garde and artistic collection invitees were followed up with three different concept designs by interest and curiosity. While 64 original designs of Textile and Fashion Design department students were exhibited on the podium, the selection, which was prepared in a wide range of both wearable and avant-garde, was evaluated as one of the important fashion show examples of the Street Fashion concept by representatives of the fashion and academia world. 

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