For All International Students – Student Residence Permit

January 13, 2021

We would once again like to remind you that the Student Residence Permit application/extensions are being done through the International Office. All new and current students are required to apply for applications and extensions through the office. Students cannot apply and submit their documents for themselves under any circumstances. Personal applications are most likely to get rejected.

If your residence permit expiry dates are near, please make sure to visit the International Office along with the necessary documents to extend your residency.

The necessary documents for Student Residence Permit applications are as follows:

  • Current valid Residence Permit (only for renewal/transfer applications)
  • Passport photocopies (main pages + last entrance stamp)
  • Student Certificate in Turkish (can be obtained from Haliç Student Affairs Office)
  • Valid Health Insurance
  • (4) Biometric photographs (The digital version is needed as well)
  • Receipt of the Application Form (can be obtained after the application is made) – Tax Office / Ziraat Bank
  • Consent Letter + Birth Certificate (Only for the applicants under 18 – Translated & Notarized)*

*Consent Letter & Birth Certificate are not mandatory if you have a student visa or your parents are living here in Turkey, with a valid residence permit.

If you have any further questions or concerns, you can contact us at

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