Earthy Landscapes: Jordan

March 25, 2022

Jordan is a country that is located in the Middle East, bordering  Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Palestine and the Dead Sea. We have visited its capital Amman which is one of the most touristic cities in the country. It is important to state that our visits to countries generally consist of just a couple of working days. Thus, we only get to see the main landmarks and visit the most popular venues.

There are two main hubs in Jordan that all visitors need to pass by. The first location is surely the Rainbow Street. If we had to compare, it would be the İstiklal Caddesi of Istanbul. Rainbow Street is a colorful street full of coffee shops, street food stations and restaurants. Ornamented with the traditional style stone houses of Jordan, you can have a very pleasant walk overlooking the city of Amman. Once you are tired, you can sip on your coffee in one of the local coffee stores or eat some pastry with the delicious Jordanian spice Zaatar in a cozy bakery.  Before leaving Rainbow Street, do not forget to purchase some magnets or postcards from the local souvenir shops. The shop owners were very kind to us, specially after seeing our efforts to communicate with them in Arabic! It would be beneficial for you to memorize some basic shopping phrases before hitting the streets in order to have enjoyable conversations with the sellers.

The second hub of dining in the city of Amman is The Boulevard. When compared to the Rainbow Street, the Boulevard is a newer location with more international store options, and its modern architecture. It can be likened to an open air shopping mall with several coffee stores, restaurants and shops in its streets. If you are a tourist, there is a great chance that you will not feel foreign at the Boulevard as it resembles a street that we can all find in the metropolitan parts of cities. It is a great location for a late night coffee with friends or a walk in its illuminated alley.

We have only had time to spend in Amman, however, if you have time and are visiting the country for touristic purposes, the one place you need to visit is of course the lost city of Petra.  Being chosen as one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World’’ in the early 2000s, Petra is an archeological site that will mesmerize you with its natural architecture.

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