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Boğaziçi Erkek Yurdu Şişli

Website: Room Types:  1-4 and 6 Person Rooms Contact: Phone: +905497352009 Prices For a 10 Month Period: 1 person 25.000 – 29.500 – 33.000 TRY

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Santral Kız Öğrenci Yurdu

Website: Room Types:  1-6 Person Rooms Contact: Phone: +902126269494 Email: Prices Per Year: Single person 31.000 – 32.500  Single person room for share  25.000 – 27.000

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Kampüs Evim

Website: Room Types:  Maximum 3-Person Rooms Contact: Phone: +90 541 919 98 75 Email: Prices For a 10 Month Period: Single person 32.000 (for

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Website: Room Types:  1-6 and 8 Person Rooms All rooms have TV, Refrigerator and Bathrooms  Contact: Phone: 0212 275 74 05 Email: Prices For a 10

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Nar Home

Room Types:  1+1 Fully Furnished Apartments 1-3 Person Rooms Contact: Tel. No: +90 5321539842 Prices Per Month: Single Person 3.500 2-Person 4.000 3-Person 4.500 Payment Medium:

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