Cameroon: Half Country Half Tropical Forest

March 25, 2022

Cameroon was a very unique experience and surely does add new cultural perspectives to the visitor. Located in Western Africa, Cameroon has a very diverse population with a mainly francophonic culture.

Although we have visited the country in March, the weather was quite hot and humid for a late winter. It was 30 degrees celcius in day, making it hard to walk in the streets for longer than 30 minutes without needing to stop by in an indoor area for a break. We have spent a couple of days in the capital city, Yaounde where you can find many places to visit.

It can be said that Yaounde has a very irregular yet unique settlement structure. On one side, you can see a compound with tall buildings and international hotels, while on the other side there are tiny houses of settlement. This creates a great harmony among the different fragments and settlers of the city.

Street food culture is very common accross Yaounde. Once you are walking in the streets, you will be seeing many sellers grilling fish on sidewalks and marketing them on spot. Additional to fish, there are several sellers of eggs, fruits and cold drinks in the streets. It is a great and interesting view to see these seller people carrying their products on top of their heads with the help of trays or baskets.

Besides street food, there are several small and local bazaars in the alleyways and streets of the city. You can find people selling all sorts of goods from clothing to candies and fruits juices to watches.

Cameroon has a very tropical nature with splendid greenery along the roads of the city. It is very easy to come accross a very green garden in the middle of the city, making you feel like you are already in a tropical forest. In these gardens, you can see several interesting species of animals from colorful iguanas to large butterflies.

We strongly recommend you to shop for pineapples, mangoes and avocadoes along many other tropical fruits in Cameroon. You will definitely feel the difference in taste and appreciate the savory flavor of these fruits that are grown in their natural area of planting.

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