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One of the best things about Istanbul is the versatile options one has for transportation. You can use a bus, minibus, tram, metro, funicular line or a ferry during your daily trips. Once you choose your path and master the skill of commuting with public transportation vehicles, there is nowhere in the city that you can’t reach.You can travel between the continents of Europe and Asia through a bus if it’s on your way, a ferry if you wish to travel with a great Bosphorus view or through the underground metro if you are in a hurry.
As the city that has hosted several civilizations over centuries, Istanbul still preserves its cultural diversity and remains to be a country where cultural exchanges constantly happen. It is a city where you can meet people from all over the world and engage with them through several events. Living in Istanbul, you will never run out of cultural activities to do for they continuously take place throughout the year. Events and activities related to arts, music, theatre, cinema and many other cultural fields occur in almost every season.
Food is an integral part of Istanbul’s culture. The food varieties in the city are as diverse as the city’s population. To begin with the Turkish cuisine, it reflects the Turkish heritage for the most part and you can find restaurants that serve Turkish traditional food all around the city. From the Eastern cuisine to the Mediterranean, from the Black Sea region to the Aegean, you can find all of their tastes and dishes within one city. In short, you can satisfy all of your cravings in the city of Istanbul!

You may start your application through

Or you may press the "APPLY NOW" button in the top-right corner.

Applications are reviewed and evaluated by the admission commission at the International Office with the help of each relevant faculty members at Haliç University.

Every year, the Council of the Higher Education in Turkey updates the regulations and criteria.

Eligibility criteria might be different for each country, in case you're wondering what is the criteria for your country, please contact us at

  • 1) Passport
  • 2) High School Diploma (translated in English or Turkish)
  • 3) High School Transcript (translated in English or Turkish)
  • 4) TOEFL IBT 72 / PTE 55 (if available)
  • 5) Motivational Letter (for Medicine Department)
  • 1) Passport
  • 2) Bachelor's Degree Diploma (translated in English or Turkish)
  • 3) Bachelor's Degree Transcript (translated in English or Turkish)
  • 4) TOEFL IBT 79 / PTE 55 (if available)
  • The Conditional Acceptance Letter states that you are conditionally accepted at Haliç University with term that need to be met before your official acceptance can be finalized.

    After confirming the deposit payment, you'll be issued the Official Acceptance Letter.

    Note: Your Conditional Acceptance Letter will be invalid in case the quota in your program is full.

    Bachelor's degree applications are only accepted in the fall semester.

    Graduate's degree applications are accepted in both intakes, Fall & Spring.

    After the approval of your application, and the conditional acceptance letter being sent, a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 ($4,500 for medicine) should be paid.

    The deposit is considered as a guarantee of the applicant’s intent to study at Haliç University. This deposit amount will then be deducted from the tuition fee for the registration.


    There are 3 ways to pay your tuition fees:

    1) Pay by credit card at the university financial affairs office (in-person)

    2) Pay by cash at Vakıfbank Sütlüce branch (in-person)

    3) Wire transfer to any of the two Vakıfbank accounts mentioned below

    NOTE: Please keep the receipt in order to confirm payment for later.


    Account Name: T.C. Halİç Ünİversİtesİ
    Branch: Sütlüce
    Account Number: 4550167806
    Bank Name: Vakıfbank
    IBAN (USD): TR24 0001 5001 5804 8017 7848 65


    Account Name: T.C. Haliç Ünİversİtesİ
    Branch: Sütlüce
    Account Number: 4550167806
    Bank Name: Vakıfbank
    IBAN (TL): TR41 0001 5001 5800 7309 0338 85

    Haliç University offers only academic merit scholarship for those who completed their first year already in the University. You can have up to 15% scholarship after completing your first year in our University. In order to have scholarship you will need to start and complete your first semester with fixed tuition fee.

    Undergraduate students must pay the yearly tuition in two installments.

    Graduate students must pay the program tuition in two installments.


    Now it's possible for current students in other universities inside or outside Turkey to apply for a transfer application. With the Haliç International Online Application Portal, students can apply for a transfer application.

    You need to upload the following documents to the Application Form:
    - High School Transcript
    - High School Diploma
    - University Transcript: must contain all the courses completed, with the grades earned, and the overall grade point average (CGPA)
    - Courses Description: must contain information about the courses curriculum, course materials, and any other important departmental information.
    - Student Certificate
    - Equivalency Certificate (Denklik)

    *Please note that all documents given by the former university must be stamped and in a sealed envelope.

    *We would like to kindly emphasize that, regardless of these application procedures, there is no guarantee that your courses can be transferred. This decision is strictly up to the faculty committee’s decision to approve, deny, and/or consider transfer applications.


    Official acceptance letter will be sent to you by e-mail, after completing your deposit payment.

    And this will make you eligible to apply for the Student Visa in the nearest Turkish Embassy/Consulate.

    1) Visa application form

    2) Minimum 1 year valid passport

    3) Official acceptance letter from Haliç University

    4) Non-refundable visa fee

    For more details, please contact the nearest Turkish Embassy/Consulate.

    You may check the following link in order to see if your country requires you to have a visa to enter Turkey.

    If you need to get a visa to enter Turkey, you may apply for it at the closest Turkish Embassy/Consulate with your Official Acceptance Letter which states that you will be our student here in Turkey. You may check the information for each embassy/consulate using the following link:

    You may contact us at so we can issue a Visa Supporting Letter.

    Note: Visa rejection doesn't guarantee you a refund of the deposit.


    Please note that if you are planning to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days within a 180-day period, for any reason, including tourism, you must get a Turkish Residence Permit.

    International students who have overstayed their visas, residence permits, or visa exempt periods (for some countries), will be subjected to a fine or a travel ban preventing you from re-entering Turkey for a period between 3 months to 5 years.

    It is highly recommended to visit the Haliç International Office to apply for residence permit. You can apply in person on campus by visiting our office.

    After your registration is completed;

    You can apply in person by visiting the Immigration Office website.

    You can also apply in person by visiting our office on the following days and timings

    Monday 10:00-16:00

    Tuesday 10:00-16:00

    Wednesday 10:00- 16:00

    Thursday 10:00-16:00

    Friday 10:00-16:00

    Or you may visit the "Visa & Residence Permit" page on our website, to follow up with the detailed guide.

    Below you may find all the requirements to obtain a Student Residence Permit:

    1) Current valid Residence Permit (only for renewal/transfer applications)

    2) Passport photocopies (main pages + last entrance stamp)

    3) Student Certificate in Turkish (can be obtained from the Haliç Automation System / e-devlet)

    4) Valid Health Insurance

    5) Passport-size photographs

    6) Receipt of the Application Form (instructions are stated in the guide below)

    7) Consent Letter + Birth Certificate (Only for the applicants under 18 – Translated & Notarized)*