We thought that ıt is time to change the roles a little bit.

 As Haliç University, we have a diverse community of international students from over 80 countries. Each one of these brave students leave their home countries behind and start a completely new journey with us at Haliç and in Istanbul. We are aware of how daring this step is and appreciate the courage our international students have shown in creating and owning their journey.

The reason we can create such great empathy is because as Haliciso, we also travel a lot. We travel frequently to your home towns. As may be known by many of you, we travel to the countries of our prospective students with the aim of attending educational fairs or visiting their schools.

This is a great opportunity for us to see your home countries, see your cultures closely and most importantly to understand you better! Hereupon, we have decided to create a mini travel and experience blog from all the visits we make to the home countries of our students.

It surely is thrilling to see where you guys come from and what roads you take (literally) to reach Haliç. Here we are creating empathy with you and documenting this great journey!

We hope to express our excitement in visiting your home towns and create a guide for those who haven’t visited the countries yet!

Rome: The Eternal Architecture

Strasbourg: The Capital of Alsace

Earthy Landscapes: Jordan