International Students
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Incoming Exchange Students

Student Visa

Foreign students without relevant visa are not eligible for school enrollment in Turkey. Study visas are only available through Turkish Embassies and Consulates outside of the Republic of Turkey and must be obtained before the student plans to arrive. Incoming students are recommended to apply for visa at least two months before the semester begins. 
For education visa, students are required to submit documents such as: a letter of acceptance given by the school in Turkey, original passport valid at least for a year, a completed visa application form, recent passport size pictures and non-refundable processing fee to the Turkish Consulate. 
For the application procedure, you can visit the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey website at: or

Residence Permit

In addition to an education visa, students planning to study in Turkey must also obtain a residence permit. Permits are a matter of formality and are available through the Foreigners Department of the Provincial Security Directorate General or at Local Security Directorate throughout Turkey. Applications are available on the Turkish Security Directorate's Turkish language website at 
Applications for residence permits should be made within 30 days of arrival in Turkey. Documentary requirements include school registration documents, five photographs, a copy of the passport with valid student visa, and approximately €40 residence permit fee. Application forms are available at

Medical Services
At Haliç University, a business doctor system and infirmary are present, in which two phsicians and two nurses work alternately and which meets the sanitary needs of the students, academic and administrative staff in urgent cases. 
The daily medical examination of the students and academic-administrative staff is carried out in the infirmary and immediately required drugs are provided. In emergencies and more serious cases which necessitates further examination patients are send to the hospitals. Due to a protocol done with Vatan Hospital, the patients who consult the hospital through our university are given a 15% reduction of the total expenses. 

Students may also choose to seek medical care with the numerous private clinics in the local area, which provide medical, dental and eye care. Exchange students are responsible for their own health insurance during their study at Haliç University.


The university attaches great importance to its students’ accomodation needs. The dormitory with a 60-student capacity offers service to 54 students who come from cities out of İstanbul and as well as International Students; 32 of whom are male and 22 female.

The dormitory building, which is planned according to the basic needs of male and female students, offers a clean and cozy family atmosphere with its contemporary infrastructure and modern look. Restaurant and cafeteria services, central heating, constant hot water, laundry and ironing services, 24-hour security and superior service, telephone facility, activity room, and 24-hour internet connection are some of the services provided fort the students.

Those students looking for alternative accommodation can be assisted through the International Office Directorate.

We want to create an atmosphere of a ‘home away from home’ and reassure the families of students that they are comfortable and well cared for.

The University will invest in new and refurbished halls of residence and each room has its own telephone and internet access points. The Accommodation Service serves all prospective and registered full-time students and is responsible for the administration and allocation of places in the University's halls of residence.