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  • How is my exchange application to Haliç University be initiated?

In order to apply for any exchange program, first your department at your home university should have a bilateral agreement with the related department at Haliç University. Then your home institution should nominate you and inform us about your nomination before the nomination deadline. Make sure that you have been nominated by your home institution before sending your application..

  • How do I apply?

After you are nominated by your home university each incoming exchange student applicant must complete a Haliç University online application form. Undergraduate and graduate incoming exchange students must provide the following information: 1. Application Form
Application form must be fully completed and signed by the student and must be a photo of the student on it. You can provide it from our web site.

2. Learning Agreement
An agreement between exchange student and Haliç University which shows the list of courses that you would like to take at Haliç University. It must be signed by your department and institutional coordinators. You can see the courses from our website or you can send an e-mail us directly.

  • How many ects can students take in one semester ?

Exchange students have to take 60 ects in one academic year (two semesters) and 30 ects in one semester.

  • How should I send required documents?

It is OK to send them via regular post or e-mail attachment. Our e-mail address is:

  • Can someone else apply on behalf of me?

No, all applications must be made in person.

  • Do I need to pay any fees for the application?


  • Is it possible to change the courses after I subscribe them?

Yes, it is. Upon your arrival you may change or revise the courses you would like to take. You will use the second page of Learning Agreement for this.


  • Do I need residence permit?

If your visa expires when you are here you may need to get a residence permit. You will need to make an online appointment for a residence permit.

  • Do I need to extend my residence permit?

You will have to extend your residence permit before its expiration if you have one. For extension, you will get a student certificate from the International Office and go to Istanbul Emniyet Mudurlugu (Istanbul Police Department) with other documents you need.

  • Is it possible to get reduced-fare transportation card for students?

Yes, it is. You will need to online for a transportation card.

Turkish Language Course

  • Is there going to be a Turkish Language class for Erasmus students?

All exchange students have the chance to take Turkish Language Course.

  • How many ECTS a Turkish course worth?

It may depend on the courses you will chose but approximately a course worth 5 ECTS runs every semester.

  • What are the business and consulting hours of the International Office?

It is open Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.30.


  • What are the accomodation options in Istanbul? What do you recommend?

When you arrive to Istanbul, we recommend you to stay at a hostel until you find a flat.

Check these options:
1-) You can always search some available room or apart via;

Of course it is always possible to find a possibility by facebook, twitter and
In the meantime, we recommend you to search about accommodations for staying long term. Also keep in touch with us. We’ll try to help you about it.


  • How am I going to get to Haliç University Sütlüce (Main) Campus from Atatürk Airport?

Here are some options: 1. There are some buses of HAVAŞ, directly going to Taksim. You can transfer to Sütlüce from Taksim after that. This is the best and the cheapest option.
From Airport to Taksim (HAVAŞ)
From 04.00 am to 01.00 pm, every 30 minutes.

2. Now you can reach Sütlüce. Here are the options.
From Taksim to Sütlüce : Bus 36T, you need to drop off from the bus İstanbul Ticaret University station.
From Taksim to Sütlüce : You may take a metro and drop off at Mecidiyeköy then you should take a metrobus to Halıcıoğlu, you can use our school shuttles or minibuses from Halıcıoğlu
From Taksim to Sütlüce: You may take a metro and drop off at Mecidiyeköy and you can also take our school shuttle from Trump Towers’ parking place.

  • How to get to the other Haliç University campuses?

Please take a look at this link: