Erasmus Exchanges
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Outgoing Students

  • Have you ever thought what to do if you had an opportunity to study at another university abroad?
  • Are you looking forward to discovering the world?
  • Are you interested in experiencing another culture?

If you have ever asked these questions to yourself, you may be ready for a student exchange program. 
"Ability to live lonely and study in a foreign environment with different culture can also be a valuable asset for your future.."


Selection Criteria

  • The student must have satisfactorily completed his/her 1st semester on the 1st year at the University.
  • Minimum GPA for undergraduate students is 2,20 and for graduate students 2,50.
  • There are 2 things that we consider in the selection: Your GPA (50%) and the English Proficiency Test (50%).
  • The student should not have any balance or responsibilities due to Haliç University.
  • Graduate students who are in their thesis term, should contact the partner university and find a thesis advisor from that university.


  • To be selected for Erasmus Exchange does not mean that you are guaranteed to participate in the exchange mobility. The partner university needs to confirm your application. After that confirmation you can make your application for visa. Partner University has the right to reject the application of the student due to excess number of applications to that university from other countries.
  • After being selected and nominated to the partner university, if a student withdraws from the Erasmus Exchange program for any kind of reason, he/she will lose the priority to participate to any kind of Exchange Programs.


  • Students selected for Erasmus Exchange will get monthly grants depending on the country that they will go to. You will receive 80% of it before you start your exchange program. In your acceptance letters you will see the duration of your exchange. We will calculate the grants depending on the duration that you will stay.
  • You will receive the final 20% of the grant after your return to Haliç University, if you pass 2/3 of the courses you take at the partner university.

Erasmus+ 2018/19 Academic Year Grant Amount for Students

Life Expenses on Country Basis Countries Grant Amount Monthly for Learning (€) Grant Amount Monthly for Internship (€)
1. and 2. Group Countries UK, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Cyprus, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Greece 500 600
3. Group Countries Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey 300 400

Application Procedure

  1. Check the “Bilateral Agreements”, find the related university to your field of study and check their information pages.
  2. Consult your “Faculty Coordinators" at your faculty to see the matching courses that you can take during your study at the partner university.
  3. Fill your  Application Form
  4. Bring your transcript that you will take from Student Affairs and application form to Haliç University Erasmus Office
  5. Take the English Proficiency Test 


  1. Announcement of the successful candidates.
  2. Participate in the orientation sessions which are going to be held in your faculty with your academic coordinators. Time and date will be announced via e-mails. You will be informed about Learning Agreements, Course Selection, Letter of Acceptance, ECTS Credits and Grants.
  3. Application pack which is prepared by student will be posted by HU Erasmus Office to Partner University.
  4. Confirmation package will be posted to your home address or to HU Erasmus Office to Partner University. within 3 – 6 weeks.
  5. Universities send e-mails about accommodation to your e-mail accounts. Follow them up; you are responsible for arranging your own accommodation.
  6. After you receive your letter of acceptance, you will apply for your visa with the documents asked from the embassy. You need to take a signed official grant letter from HU Erasmus Office.
  7. Open a Euro account at Garanti Bankası. Your grants will be transfered to this acoount.
  8. The Erasmus Exchange starts with the orientation day specified by the partner university. You should travel before the orientation day.