Erasmus Exchanges
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Erasmus Policy Statement

a) Please describe clearly your institution's strategy, objectives and priorities for its Erasmus activities (mobility, multilateral projects, etc.) and any other actions in the context of the Lifelong Learning Programme.

b) Please also provide information on the following points:
What specific actions are planned to give visibility to Erasmus activities and what type of publicity will be given to the Erasmus University Charter and the EPS?
What kind of arrangements, if any, does the Institution ensure to comply with non-discrimination objectives (e.g. actions related to gender equality, integration of disabled students and staff, enhancement of social and economic cohesion and combating of xenophobia and racism)?

a) Haliç University (HU) is a foundation university, which was founded in1998 by our-Children Leukemia Foundation, which obtained much love and respect both in Turkey and over the world as a result of the remarkable works it has carried out successfully for 25 years. HU embraces "Contemporary Quality Principle in Education" to educate its students as specialists who know, use and produce science and technology.  HU offers 21 Academic departments in its five faculties, with three schools, School of Nursing, School of Physical Education and Sport and School of Health Sciences and Conservatory.At our programs, we seek to give each student a mastery of the fundamentals, with an emphasis on professional and intellectually motivated learning and self-reliance. We believe that knowledge, creativity, innovation and transferable skills are necessary factors for employment, so HU aims to equip students with these qualifications. Furthermore, the overall academic philosophy of the University is to provide students with a challenging as well as a friendly environment in which they can pursue active learning, foster and develop social and cultural enhancement and become increasingly independent learners, acquire knowledge and skills such as problem solving, decision-making about the world around them, and in which they develop strong ethical and moral standards. Our campuses are small enough to be friendly but large enough to offer a comprehensive range of programs. Regarding the EU commitment of the university, HU’s main goal for Erasmus activities is to sustain the increasing tendency in mobilities while concentrating more on the quality aspects of exchanges. HU aims to increase bilateral agreements with the European higher education institutions, implements ECTS throughout the HU, increases overseas work experience for students and staff and plans to take an active role in the Lifelong Learning Programmes. In order to reachout to the world of business HU wants to work higher education institutions together through Intensive Programmes(IP), Curriculum Development (CD) Projects, Network multilateral projects and Jean Monnet projects. HU’s main concern is to work towards the priorities of the Bologna Process. HU also plan to develope Joint MA programs with Erasmus partners. Furthermore, HU Continuing Education center plan to offer a certificate program in the field of “Adult Education”.

b) International Relations Office department has been recently established to promote internationalization throughout the university. In order to promote Erasmus activity awareness,the Int. Office uses website to provide required information to students and the staff, makes the announcements on student boards and also prepared leaflets and brochures. After being awarded The European University Charter, Int Office will publish it. Furthermore, the EPS being fully implemented by the University’s Executive Council and Seneta within the framework of strategic plan of the university.  The EPS of HU will be available online (

The University is committed to providing an environment in which staff and students can work freely, comfortably and safely, ensuring that acts of harassment, bullying and discrimination are prevented. Staff, students and visitors to the University can expect professional behaviour that shows respect and consideration for others. HU fundamental strategy is to treat all persons justly, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, religion, marital status, age, political conviction or other grounds. The University’s aim is to eliminate harassment, bullying and unlawful discrimination from its campuses. It hopes to achieve this through its education policies.

c) What kind of specific measures are implemented to ensure high quality in student placement? Give details on how the work programme and the placement agreements are prepared and implemented. Please describe the practical arrangements agreed between the parties. Please specify also monitoring and evaluation of the placements period as well as its recognition in the curriculum.

HU believes that in today's competitive job market, work experience gives graduates something extra. We believe that the skills a student develops on placement (communication, time and project management, problem solving, team working etc) are invaluable assets when beginning a graduate career. 
Students enjoy many benefits from their placements. They complete an essential element of their course of study; they add practical experience to their academic knowledge; they enjoy a rewarding cultural experience, both commercial and social; they develop and improve their language skills.

HU gives utmost priority to research activities and to relations with the industry, which results in cooperative links with universities in the U.S.A., Europe and Australia via several educational and R&D protocols and also to enhance international collaboration, and networking. Our University supports the international  placement opportunities in all appropriate programmes HU also encourage its students to utilize other international placement programs such as AIESEC and are provided with information and support to better take advantage of such opportunities.

HU International Office has signed placement contracts with European enterprises and also plans to form consortiums with civil society organizations, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, development agencies and firms.

Since HU has important links with the various institutions in the business world in Istanbul area, we intend to use this advantage in finding internship opportunities for incoming students. We aim to form mutual internship opp. with the institutions which can provide similar opp. for our students as well.

HU will guarantee full academic recognition of student placements using unit descriptors, training agreements, student feedback and placement provider feedback to underpin the quality and validity of recognition. HU will also guarantee that tutoring, monitoring and assessment are provided throughout the entire process by the host institutions to ensure that the intended learning objectives are achieved. In case of training outcomes stated in the training agreement are achieved, this fact will be stated in the learning plan by giving ECTS credits or issuing a certification from host institutions.